City streets crews face big cleanup after Saturday's snow event

By Jill Sperling
February 18, 2018 - 10:07am

KAMLOOPS — The snow fell fast and heavy on Kamloops Saturday. 

Environment Canada Meteorologist Chris Emond says Kamloops recorded 15 cm at the airport, and plenty more fell at higher elevations. 

"We did receive some reports from weather watchers at a little higher elevation above the valley, a couple hundred metres." Emond said. "They reported 20 cm yesterday afternoon, and it was still snowing at that point so I expect probably up to 25 cm over higher terrain." 

Emond adds portions of the Coquihalla saw almost 40 cm of snow accumulation. 

Kamloops' Streets and Environmental Services Manager, Glen Farrow, says the constant snow presented a challenge to the city's snowplow operators. 

"As the snow is coming down, in the thick of the event, it is very challenging to stay on top of it," Farrow said. "Throughout the day, yesterday, it was all about staying on those arterials, those main routes, and continuing to clear the snow to the edge of the road." 

He says crews have been working non-stop this weekend clearing the main routes, and will be moving into the bus routes and smaller residential streets this afternoon. 

Farrow says people will have to have a little patience when it comes to wind rows and snow drifts. 

"We're seeing quite heavy winds out there which are causing havoc as well where we clean an area and the drifts come right back in," he said. "We will be back, we will continue to attack these roads."

City crews are currently lining up contractors to pick up snow in the North Shore and Downtown business districts in the coming days. 

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