Kamloops podcaster working to connect community

By Adam Donnelly
February 16, 2018 - 1:07pm Updated: February 16, 2018 - 1:37pm

KAMLOOPS — As the internet has spread throughout the last two decades, it’s become easier to find your niche, whether it’s with art, music, entertainment, or business; with the increase in information available in these many mediums, it’s become easier to isolate one’s self in a digital world and disconnect from the local community. For one local creator, the internet has become a tool to help reconnect with his community, and explore the local arts, culture and entertainment scene through a new podcast.

Scroll through the list of available podcasts on the iTunes store, and the choices are nearly endless. Sports, entertainment, comedy - but there’s one new addition to the podcast store with a decidedly local flavour. The Kameo podcast is the brainchild of Nevin Webster, a transplant to Kamloops, but a passionate member of the local community.

“The name, the branding of Kameo came and I was just like, Oh, that makes so much sense,” Webster explained. “It just snowballed from there, and once the snowball got too big I thought okay, I’m running with it and we’ll figure it out as we go.”

Figuring it out has meant learning the ins-and-outs of recording audio from one episode to the next; since buying a new digital recorder, that process has become easier. Webster is now able to travel with his small mobile studio to record short interviews with local creators, all in an effort to help shine the light on whats going on in Kamloops.

“A lot of the podcasts I listen to are longer conversations, and I wanted something short,” Webster said. “I figured Kamloops would enjoy that as well, but also to have something that was completely local to focus on Kamloops. If I can’t pick up the paper, or listen to the news when it’s on… I need a way to feel like I’m part of the community.”

Local artist Zach Abney was Webster’s third guest on the Kameo podcast.

“We did a trail run together, and he’s a creative guy so every once in a while he’d bounce some ideas off me,” Abney said, about how he came to appear on Kameo. “He had mentioned he wanted to do a podcast and asked if I’d be willing to do an interview with him.”

Abney says he’s always impressed with the variety of people creating throughout the community and believes Webster is onto something by trying to connect with these people.

“It’s really tough for all these people to sort of get their name out there,” Abney said. “I think Nevin has figured out a great way to put a spotlight on those people and help them get the word out a little bit about what they’re doing.”

So far, Webster has released 6 episodes of Kameo, and he’s always on the lookout for new people to speak with.

“I want to help other people find their communities for their things,” Webster said. “If I can do that, that’s success in my opinion.”

If you want to listen to any of the Kameo podcasts Nevin has released so far you can find it anywhere else you find your favourite podcasts, including the iTunes podcast store and Google Play.

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