Moving Family Day bad for business says Sun Peaks

By Greg Fry
February 10, 2018 - 11:02am

KAMLOOPS — Sun Peaks isn't pleased with the B.C. government's decision to move Family Day to fall in line with other provinces in Canada and the U.S. starting next year.

On Friday, Horgan announced Monday will be the last B.C. Family Day held on the second Monday of February, with the holiday shifting to the third Monday of the month starting in February of 2019.

The move will fall in line with Alberta, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan and the U.S. where President’s Day is  also held on the third Monday of February.

Horgan said the change will be better for businesses and for families who are spread out across the country, but Sun Peaks President and CEO Arlene Schieven isn't buying in.

"Obviously we're disapointed to see the date moved. It's really great when we're able to spread the holidays out a little bit and you know it's not dissimilar for March break when we have different March breaks for different destinations and that allows us to provide a good experience for everyone and not have all of the business in the same week," she says.

"So, now it's going to be at a much busier time for the resort and rather than spreading that business out around February it's going to be really focused on the same time period as Presidents week and so on. So, for sure it's disappointing and hopefully everybody will take advantage for this last year where they can come up and enjoy lots of special activities that we have for the B.C. residents."

Though she didn't put a dollar figure on it, Schieven said the change will cost the mountain business.

"Definitely when we look at the occupancy that we saw prior to the B.C. Family Day and what happened once that was implemented, it caused a significant increase in business over that particular weekend, and you can't just shift that to the following weekend because the following weekend is already full. So, there's no question we will see a loss from this."

Kamloops Chamber of Commerce President Paul Ross is also disappointed.

"The Chamber's stance is quite divided on this topic as businesses will be affected positively and negatively. I can tell you though that the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce and our membership did oppose this move for various reasons and find it unfortunate that it went this way."

He says the Chamber agrees the move will hurt local ski hills.

"We have many, many ski hills and other opportunities, and with this day falling outside Presidents Day we found it was another revenue stream for our local businesses."


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