Christy Clark weighs in on #MeToo movement

By 1075 Beach Radio News
January 26, 2018 - 11:50am

KAMLOOPS — Former premier Christy Clark has posted on Facebook a thank you to women who are coming forward now to report sexual misconduct.

She said “All of us who have experienced a sexual assault, harassment, or aggressive and unwelcome advances know it’s a damn hard thing to talk about. Every one of you has set a powerful example and every day more women are finding their voices as a result.”

Clark says she saw plenty of frat boy behaviour in her 25 years in politics.

She says that made her promise herself that she would do things differently, should she ever get the chance to lead.

Clark went on to point out the  number of women in cabinet and the women appointed to lead major government-related operations.

Clark said they were not tokens, but were qualified and made a difference for women in the workforce.

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