U of Calgary says it can't suspend sexual offender, tells him to stay away

By James Peters
January 11, 2018 - 4:39pm

KAMLOOPS — The University of Calgary says it is not expelling Connor Neurauter, but has advised him to stay away from its campus for the remainder of the term.

The 21 year old Neurauter was sentenced to 90 days in jail last week after admitting to sexual interference involving a 13 year old Kamloops girl.

The sentencing judge delayed the beginning of the jail term until May to allow Neurauter to finish his university term.

That led to outrage on social media, as well as an online petition that garnered thousands of signatures calling for his expulsion.

In a statement posted to the U of Calgary website, Provost and Vice-President Dru Marshall notes the offence took place before Neurauter was a student at the university, and the school's disciplinary policies "do not apply to activity that occurred before the person was a member" of the campus community.

However, Marshall adds the university does not condone sexual violence and has advised Neurauter not to return to campus for the remainder of the term.

Thousands call for U of Calgary to expel sexual offender who targeted Kamloops girl