People in Motion launches fundraising campaign for new bus

By Jill Sperling
January 10, 2018 - 4:32pm Updated: January 10, 2018 - 5:24pm

KAMLOOPS — People in Motion kicked off its Keep Our Bus in Motion campaign Wednesday afternoon, with a goal of raising enough money to purchase a new para-transit bus. 

The non-profit has had a hard time keeping their current bus in motion. 

"Our existing bus is ten years old and it's becoming unreliable," said Executive Director Heather Brandon. "We've had a couple incidents where it's broken down at night, and we've had the bus full of people with diverse abilities. So, we've actually stopped doing travel outside of the city also."

With approximately 160 clients, People in Motion relies on its 16-passenger bus for field trips, community events, and transportation to the organization's programs. 

"We really need to get a bus that's more reliable," Brandon said.

The fundraising campaign has a goal of $120,000 to purchase a new 18-20 passenger para-transit bus. 

Donations from the Stollery Foundation ($50,000), Highland Valley Copper ($15,000), and Warner Rentals ($10,000) brought in $75,000 before the campaign even started. 

"I was very happy to come aboard and help these people that do an amazing job for people that are amazing themselves in so many ways," said Ralph Warner, owner of Warner Rentals. 

Warner adds People in Motion will be the recipient of funds raised at his annual charity golf tournament. 

"The golf tournament will be at the Dunes in Westsyde I believe on June 8," he said. "We always sell it out, we have a lot of wonderful customers that have always supported the golf tournament, we have a lot of fun."

Those who use the current bus are excited about the prospect of a newer, bigger, and more reliable form of transportation. 

"With our bus right now it's a bit rattly," said People in Motion member Alison Yamelst, "but with the newer bus it would be more room, more new, something new to look at, more comfortable seats."

"I can't wait," said People in Motion member Dominique Baird. "I have friends in wheel chairs. I can't wait for the new ramp for them because it would be hard without it."

People in Motion's current bus will be sold in order to help fund the new set of wheels. 

Anyone wishing to donate to the Keep Our Bus in Motion campaign can visit People in Motion's website for information on how to give.

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