Former Sun Peaks residents donate $100K to mountain's new health clinic

By Greg Fry
December 20, 2017 - 11:32am

KAMLOOPS — A nice boost for the new Sun Peaks Family Practice — a $100,000 boost to be exact.

That's how much money former residents Gail and Shorty Stiles have donated towards equipment at the clinic.

"It kind of came out of the blue," says Mayor Al Raine. "We had just reached our target of $400,000 when this great news arrived. We're going to sit down and decide what are the priorities down the road but this is certainly going to help us to equip the clinic over the next couple of years."

Raine says the donors were former residents who moved to Victoria around 10 years ago.

"Ron, we call him Shorty Stiles, he was one of the inaugural directors of the Health Association. So, they've been big supporters of Sun Peaks and they called and said we're going to give you $100,000. It's just fantastic."

The Sun Peaks Family Practice opened earlier this month and is open to all residents of the region. It's open four days a week, though as patient volume increases, operating hours will expand.


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