City of Kamloops updates greenhouse operations

By Greg Fry
December 13, 2017 - 9:56am

KAMLOOPS — Kamloops City Council has approved a recommendation to decommission its unheated greenhouse.

The move was made at Tuesday's council meeting because the greenhouse had become structurally unsound, forcing the city to either repair or demolish it.

The city says it will reduce the horticulture budget by $50,000. Those dollars will be transferred to the Parks General Fund to offset increased operating costs in 2018 for new parks in the Aberdeen and Juniper West neighbourhoods.

Council will now outsource the supply of flowers previously grown in the greenhouse.

The city says it will continue to operate its heated greenhouse which it notes saves thousands of dollars per year by housing the city's tropical plants, centrepieces, grasses, perennials and hanging baskets. The heated greenhouse is said to be much cheaper than purchasing the plants from nurseries.

The greenhouses are some of the few remaining ones in B.C. as more and more cities can't afford to upgrade them, according to the city.

Kamloops enjoying warmer, drier weather