Fulton and Company Cup set for 20th anniversary

By Earl Seitz
December 12, 2017 - 3:50pm Updated: December 12, 2017 - 6:00pm

KAMLOOPS --- What has has traditionally become the unofficial city basketball championship takes place next week at the Tournament Capital Centre.   

It will be the tournaments 20th year.

The biggest change this year is the name --- a subtle change --- what had been known as the Fulton Cup for the first 19 years will now be the Fulton and Company Cup.

What won't change in the two decades of the high school tournament is the quality of basketball.

"This is 20 years, so it's a landmark year for the Fulton and Company Cup" says co-ordinator Will Blair.   "It's a great tournament --- the kids look forward to it each year, and see it as a city championship, and playing against teams they may not get to play against other times of the year."

Jessica Vliegenthart, who works with the sponsor Fulton and Company, is a Fulton Cup alumnus.

"We love sponsoring this tournament because it's such a cool opportunity to get every basketball team in the city and surrounding area into one tournament --- I played in it growing up, and it was always a highlight of my year, so we're just really excited to keep that tradition going." says Vliegenthart.

Six senior boys and six senior girls teams along with six junior boys and six junior girls teams will play in the Fulton and Company Cup December 20-22 at the Tournament Capital Centre.

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