BC Wildfire report into Elephant Hill fire to be submitted to RCMP in early 2018

By James Peters
December 8, 2017 - 2:18pm

KAMLOOPS — The BC Wildfire Service says it will likely be early in 2018 before investigators have wrapped up their reports into this summer's massive Elephant Hill wildfire.

The blaze began near Ashcroft on July 6, and eventually grew to nearly 200,000 hectares in size, destroying dozens of homes and leading to widespread evacuations.

Investigators quickly determined the wildfire was caused by human activity.

Fire Information Officer Jody Lucius says investigators have been working diligently to ensure law enforcement authorities have all the pertinent details.

"The BC Wildfire Service origin and cause personnel have gathered all of the information that they need from that fire and are continuing to work on reports regarding the cause of the Elephant Hill wildfire," Lucius said.

"Once that report is complete, they will turn it over to the RCMP as the lead investigators and our reports will be included as part of the RCMP ongoing investigation."

Lucius notes once the report has been turned over to the Mounties, BC Wildfire personnel will be on standby in case police require any other information.

"Lots of work still going, and those reports can be quite complex, especially on a fire of this nature, so it does take some time to work through those," Lucius said.

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