Kamloops SPCA receives special donation

By Adam Donnelly
November 27, 2017 - 5:09pm

KAMLOOPS — Christmas came early for the cats at the Kamloops SPCA. One local animal love made a donation which will make many felines more comfortable as they wait for their forever homes.

Kitten tested and approved. Today local quilt designer and teacher Lidia Froehler delivered over 100 custom sewn cat pillows to the Kamloops SPCA shelter.

“With the help from my friends… and my husband, who did all of the cutting, I was able to make 109,” Froehler told CFJC Today.

The pillows are filled with shredded fabric scraps from Lidia’s many quilting projects. She says making the pillows didn’t take as long as you might think.

“It’s hard to say,” Froehler explained. “It took us Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Three days with two of us working, I don’t know - 30 per day?“

The pillows were designed to fit inside the cardboard cat carriers people take their adopted cats home in. Kamloops SPCA Branch Manager Alyssa Kyllo says donations like these are always welcome.

“It definitely helps the animals,” Kyllo said. “At times we’re short of linens or towels and blankets, so a donation of specifically made cat pillows is perfect.”

Lidia and her husband Vince plan to make more of the pillows in the new year.

“I’m a cat lover, and unfortunately I cannot have a cart right now,” Froehler explained. “I love animals, and anytime I can help I will.”

If you’d like to donate any old fabrics or material to the cause, you can get in touch with Lidia through her quilting company, Cotton Treasure Design at (778)472-1342 after January 15th.

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