Cities want legal marijuana revenue

By Catherine Hansen / CKPG News
November 10, 2017 - 4:41pm

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. — Canadian cities are hoping to get funding to help with the costs of legalizing marijuana.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has sent off a letter to the federal Finance Minister, pointing out that municipalities cover almost 60 percent of Canada's policing costs, and preparing forces for the new cannibis rules will be a massive undertaking. 

The federal government has earmarked over $160 million to start, but there remains concerns it won't be enough. 

Prince George Councillor and Third Vice President of the FCM Garth Frizzell says municipalities will be on the hook for everything from business licences and building permits through the changes. 

Frizzell says its been a topic of discussion at the FCM table for some time. 

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