Eby speaks about ‘rooting out racism’ after posters appear at university

By The Canadian Press
November 3, 2017 - 3:17pm

VICTORIA — British Columbia’s attorney general says the appearance of discriminatory posters at the University of Victoria campus are reminders of the need to fight racism in its overt and subtle forms.

David Eby says racism and discrimination can be overt in the presence of hate-filled posters, flyers and public protests, but there are also subtle forms where people are denied opportunities due to their ethnicity or economic standing.

He denounced the recent appearance of posters on university bulletin boards that called for a fight against “anti-white hatred,” saying they are reminders of the work that must be done to identify and prevent racism.

Eby’s appearance at a law class today is part of the government’s promise to re-establish the B.C. Human Rights Commission, disbanded 15 years ago by the former Liberal government.

A public meeting and submission process is open until Nov. 17 and human rights legislation is expected next year.

B’nai Brith Canada spokesman Daniel Koren says the University of Victoria posters seek to embolden white supremacists.

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