Snowfall warnings over, but still not great driving conditions

By Doug Collins
November 3, 2017 - 5:04am

KAMLOOPS — The snowfall warnings have ended, and all Interior highways are open this morning, but that doesn't mean it's great driving out there.

With the gusty winds that have blown all night, drifting snow and glare ice are in abundance this morning.

Yesterday afternoon, the Overlanders Bridge was particularly treacherous and traffic slowed to a crawl as many drivers had trouble keeping their vehicles from slipping and sliding.

Columbia Street West was perhaps even worse during the afternoon commute as cars struggled to get a grip on the roadway with the extremely icy conditions.

Hillside Drive, Pacific Way and most other streets in the higher levels were the same.

RCMP and Kamloops Fire and Rescue both report a lot of accidents yesterday afternoon and into the evening. Nothing too serious, but a lot of tieups.

Environment Canada's Doug Lundquist says not much snow in the forecast for today...He says maybe we'll get a few flurries, and the gusty winds will continue. He says the sun may peek out as well, as the cold front builds up and temperatures could even drop into the double digits below zero. 

At the airport, our weather, coupled with bad weather in Calgary, created a lot of delays and the odd cancellation. This morning, all flights in and out are deemed to be "on time" at this moment. 

Officially at the airport yesterday, we got just under 7 centimeters of snow to midnight. Much, much more than that at the higher elevations. 

On the highways, mostly compact and icy sections, with some black ice in the Fraser Canyon. 

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