The Reach breaks ground on modern complex that's expected to 'revitalize' campus

By Chad Klassen
October 24, 2017 - 6:31pm

KAMLOOPS — Construction of a new residential condo building on TRU campus, expected to be ready by the summer of 2019, is set to begin.

The Reach, a project that's been developed and will be built by the CAPE Group, put shovels in the ground on Tuesday. It will be a 56-unit complex on the north side of the Old Main building that's open to anyone in the community and is expected to liven up the campus.

"That is going to revitalize our campus 24/7," said TRU President Alan Shaver. "The more people that live on the campus, the more people that are moving around on campus, the more services there are, retail services, all this is going to make this a much more interesting and vital place to be."

Forty per cent of the units have already been sold. The Cape Group says the modern units will range from one-bedroom units that are price under $300,000 to three-bedroom places that are in the $800,000 range. 

"When we were approached by The Reach to do something here on the campus, they said they were looking for something to be special, beautiful, and to bring homes to the university that everyone could come and live on campus," said President of the Cape Group Reisa Schwartzman. 

"When we did our design and development, we made sure that we had modern design with wonderful floor plans and a lifestyle that will give the owner an opportunity to experience all the best partss of the university, the views, and the lifestyle here."

The Cape Group is still waiting on building permits from the city before beginning to exacavate in the next month. 

New residential development breaks ground at TRU today