Halloween Ghost Train on track tonight, promises plenty of scares and fun

By Vanessa Ybarra
October 20, 2017 - 5:25pm Updated: October 21, 2017 - 7:03am

KAMLOOPS — There's bound to be plenty of screams and family fun as the Kamloops Ghost Train 2141 gets rolling tonight.

This year's ghost train tells the story of a steam locomotive that disappeared after leaving Kamloops for Blue River more than 100 years ago.

Those brave enough will be taken on a tour through time meeting some of the characters that supposedly vanished that fateful night.

"We have no guarantee of how this will end," said Rosanne Nelson who plays the gypsy Madame Rose. "I know you will see gravestones. I know you will see a church and a bride and groom. They don't know they're dead, that's the tragedy of it but we will find them and remind them and then we will transport them to where they really belong."

Other spooky sites to take in include an embalming station, real-size coffin, confession box, and of course plenty of cobwebs.

The train's inaugural ride takes place Friday at 7 p.m and will travel to the Halston Bridge and back.

Participants are asked to arrive early.

"You need to arrive around 6 p.m, pick up your tickets then enjoy a hot chocolate, coffee or cookie," said Nelson. "You may see some demonic people out there. Take a breath and you will be safe. Once you receive your tickets, you will go on the platform right beside the CN building. Once you're on the platform that's when the evil deceit and trickery begins."

The ghost train will also embark Saturday night as well next Friday and Saturday.

An extra scary creepy clown train is scheduled for October 26th.

For more details, and to buy tickets, visit Kamrail.com

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