People in Motion helping those with disabilities become confident, independent

By Chad Klassen
October 19, 2017 - 5:08pm

KAMLOOPS — It's math day at People in Motion on the North Shore. Members, who have both physical and mental disabilities, are learning how to count and handle money. 

"It's education to learn if you go to the bank," said Dominique Baird, who lives with Down Syndrome. "You can take money out or put it in."

Through these life skills taught by volunteers and staff members at People in Motion, Baird has grown more confident and independent. 

"I've learned money skills, I've done all kinds, cooking. I go to social outings," said Baird. 

One of the other life skills taught is food prep, showing the members skills as simple as using a knife. It goes a long way to living independently. 

Cooking is a vital skill for members like Allison, who has a child to support. She's learning all the basics of the kitchen. 

"We have our members come in and we have them chop and turn on the stove, and learn how to cook and do partnered baking," said exective director of People in Motion Heather Brandon. 

There are 170 members helped by people in motion in Kamloops, and activities are not limited to its Tranquille location. The non-profit takes members out in the community. 

"We have outings three times a month for the youth. We take them to the pumpkin patch, we take them out to Rainbow Roost, we take them to the library. We take them all over," said Brandon. "But even though we're doing fun events, we're always coaching them on how you act in the community."

For so many of the kids and adults, they have benefited from these life skills and the support from People in Motion. 

"It really has. It's helped me with my self-confidence and growing as a person."

To make a donation, you can visit People in Motion at 182B Tranquille Road or visit the website.

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