Perrin and Tillie teammates again

By Earl Seitz
October 17, 2017 - 4:48pm

KAMLOOPS — Gord Perrin and Kevin Tillie were two of the best players to ever don the uniform of the WolfPack volleyball team.

Teammates on the Pack in the 2009-10 season.

Both have played for their respective national teams, Canada and France.

Both played pro together in Turkey in 2015.

Now they're teammates again in Beijing --- and being paid like the pros they are.

WolfPack head coach Pat Hennelly, who coached Perrin and Tillie with the WolfPack in 2009-10 says "They both got a pretty good payout from Beijing in paying out their contracts in Poland --- so the contract has in essence been tripled.    They both have a very high skill level --- they both start for two of the top ten national teams in the world ---- they're two of the top guys in the world now."

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