Winter conditions starting to show up on area highways

By Doug Collins
October 13, 2017 - 6:43am Updated: October 13, 2017 - 7:54am

KAMLOOPS — UPDATE — If you're heading out of town, be advised it's snowing pretty heavily in the upper levles.

Callers travelling the Coquihalla this morning say it's been a bit of a nightmare so far as cars try to navigate one of the first serious snowfalls of the winter.

Emergency crews are being kept busy dealing with the situation.

In upper Sahali and Aberdeen, we've had reports of snow falling as well.


EARLIER — As colder temperatures hit the Interior, area highways are starting to see the effects of winter weather.

Highway 5 North, the Yellowhead Highway, has seen snow this morning at Blue River.

The Drive B.C. web site hasn't said much about the Coquihalla between Kamloops and Hope this morning, but the webcams show what appears to be rain and snow falling in the area from the snowshed to the Summit.

Those conditions could be prevalent much of the day, although temperatures could warm up enough as the day wears on to turn most of it to rain.  

Showers are forecast for the Kamloops weather today and tomorrow, with frost tonight as temperatures drop to zero, and the possibility of snow at levels above 100 meters. 

If you're heading out this weekend, check the Drive B.C. web site and the web cams before leaving. 

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