Though fully contained, Elephant Hill remains alive

By James Peters
October 10, 2017 - 4:47pm

KAMLOOPS — Flames from the Elephant Hill wildfire are gone, but it will be some time before Kamloops Fire Centre officials can declare it no longer a threat.

Fire Information Officer Justine Hunse says the nearly 200,000-hectare blaze northwest of Kamloops has been 100 per cent contained for several weeks, but continues to crackle on the ground.

"We do have firefighters that are continuing to keep an eye on that area," said Hunse. "However operationally, things look a lot different than they did in September.

"In replacement of operational staff that are assigned to the fire, we do have staff in different roles, especially related to rehabilitation-type work that have transitioned onto the incident," she said.

The fire is no longer considered a 'Wildfire of Note' by the BC Wildfire Service, but the blaze that burned dozens of homes can't be considered extinguished, either.

"We are expecting the Elephant Hill wildfire to smoulder for some time yet. It's no surprise that there are areas that are continuing to smoulder at this time in the year," said Hunse.

"We're asking folks to report in evidence of fire that looks like it might be threatening structures. We are expecting the fire to smoulder for weeks to come."

Coroner’s service says three bodies were found after fire in Nanaimo, B.C.