Visits to Kamloops slightly higher than forecast

By Greg Fry
October 4, 2017 - 3:14pm

KAMLOOPS —  Tourism Kamloops says the number of visitors to Kamloops is higher so far this year than expected.

"We are seeing a bit of growth actually year to date to what we had forecasted," says Monica Dickinson, director of communications and industry relations with Tourism Kamloops. "Understanding though that our wildfire situation brought some economic opportunity to Kamloops in housing evacuees and wildfire support services."

From January through July, she says they saw "a point and a half" increase over what they had forecast. She didn't say how many people that  increase represented noting "percentages is the accuracy we like to communcate."

"So, that's good growth given a year that's had much uncertainty." 

She adds July was "a robust month" based on accommodation revenues noting it implemented a third percentage point on the MRDT - the Municipal Regional District Tax - which was legislated and approved by its accommodation partners earlier this year.

Dickinson says vistiors to Kamloops came predominately from B.C. though others came from international destinations and Alberta.

She isn't concerned about the effect the devastating wildfires may have on future travel to the region noting "we're still open for business, still a great place to explore. Many of our attractions are intact and nature experiences here are still some of the most spectacular in the Interior."




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