Tournament Capital Fieldhouse re-opens with new track

By Adam Donnelly
October 2, 2017 - 4:08pm Updated: October 2, 2017 - 5:56pm

KAMLOOPS — After months of work, the Tournament Capital Centre Fieldhouse re-opened today with a brand new track surface for its users.

Thanks to a significant contribution from the federal government’s Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program, the City of Kamloops began working on the project back in June. After the three-month closure, the track was finally ready for users to get back at it this morning after TCC staff took some time to shine up the Fieldhouse.

“With the construction, there was a lot of dirt and dust so we’ve been taking the extra time to make sure the track is really clean for all the patrons,” the City of Kamloops Recreation, Health & Wellness Supervisor Linda Stride told CFJC Today.

The new track is a specially engineered material, which has been used in past Olympic games. Stride says the new surface will be more durable than the previous track and should help draw more events to the TCC.

Along with the track, there are several new pieces of fitness equipment at the TCC, and next week the new hardwood court will open for use. Stride says that court will help draw more high-profile competitions to the city.

“The hardwood court will be ready next Tuesday… it’s just curing now,” Stride explained. “[When] hosting national or international volleyball or basketball [events], that additional hardwood  will be really important.”

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