Last of the evacuation orders downgraded in the TNRD

By Doug Collins
September 17, 2017 - 2:20pm Updated: September 18, 2017 - 5:25am

KAMLOOPS — The remaining properties in the TNRD that had been on evacuation order have now been downgraded to an evacuation alert.  This means that no properties in our Regional District remain on Evacuation Order. 

Debbie Sell from the Emergency Operations Centre says while the fires are still burning, the danger has lessened to the point where these "orders" can be downgraded to "alerts". But she warns that alerts still mean residents have to be vigilant and prepared to leave once again if conditions should change. 

Below is the list from the TNRD of the properties that were downgraded this afternoon from an "order" to an "alert".


• 4989 North Bonaparte Rd.

• 2345 Bluegoose Rd.

• 5564 to 5588 Green Lake-Jim Lake FSR.

• 3480 to 3700 Little Green Lake Rd.

• 6820 Lost Valley Rd.

• 2440 McMahon Rd.

• 1605 Boule-Young Lake Rd.

• 5885 Clinton-Upper Loon Lake FSR

• 280 Eagan-Bonaparte Lake FSR


Meanwhile, the Elephant Hill wildfire is now reported to be 70% contained, as crews take advantage of the cooler temperatures and a bit of precipitation to put guards around the blaze and bolster containment lines.

500 firefighters are still working on the blaze, aided by heavy equipment and 5 helicopters.

RCMP says charges to be laid in Canada involving fentanyl shipments from China