Cleaner air headed our way

By Greg Fry
September 8, 2017 - 1:50pm

KAMLOOPS — It looks like we're going to get a brief reprieve from the smoky conditions in Kamloops over the next twenty-four hours.

"There is good news on the horizon," says Environment Canada meterologist Doug Lundquist. "With the cold front coming through today, the air is going to get stirred up and we'll get a westerly flow behind this system. That should bring in some cleaner air."

But he warns that relief may not last very long.

"I'm worried about the fires surrounding us everywhere, in all directions there are fires. So, if you're near a fire or a plume from that fire is heading your way, there will still be some smoke so we'll have to deal with that."

Currently Environment Canada's Air Quality Index is at a '7', or high risk. The poor air quality is having a negative effects on kids in the area, as yesterday the Kamloops-Thompson School District announced it will keep elementary students inside on days when the Air Quality Health Index is at a '7' or higher.

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