Meteorite probable cause of fireball across the skies Monday night

By Doug Collins
September 5, 2017 - 5:39am

KAMLOOPS — What appeared to be a possible meteorite flew through the sky over parts of B.C. and Washington State last night.

A number of calls to the newsroom here about a flash across the sky just after 10:00 PM last night.

Some Kamloops residents left messages and posted on social media that the streak came across the sky and went over Mount Paul before dropping from sight.

The object, whatever it was, left a red glow behind it. In the Kootenays, some residents there said the flash was followed by a loud noise.

Posts we saw this morning ranged from a number of places in B.C., including as far away as Vancouver Island.

No expert comment so far on whether it was a meteorite or something else.

RCMP across the province say they answered dozens of calls about the incident.

People in Nelson say the boom they heard after the incident definitely shook their homes, creating speculation that the fireball landed somewhere east of Cranbrook. 

Back to school today, as 14,000 students return in School District 73