Recycling centre see huge spike in glass materials since city changes

By Vanessa Ybarra
September 3, 2017 - 3:27pm

KAMLOOPS — Five months into the city's new recycling program, it appears many people are getting the message.

In April, the city announced residents will no longer be able to recycle glass or film plastic as part of Multi-Material BC's takeover of services.

Cameron Thomsen, Manager of General Grants Sahali, says they've seen a large spike in glass and soft plastic drop offs since the new program came into effect.

"We've probably quadrupled or received five times as much glass as we used to take in on any given week, it's pretty significant," said Thomsen.

He adds the new rules have gotten more residents recycling wheels turning.

"Since people are already bringing up their glass and soft plastics, we've seen a large increase in styrofoam and electronic items being reycled as well," said Thomsen. "People are learning. Of course there's the twenty per cent that are frustrated with the whole thing and opt to throw it into the garbage but overall people have been pretty good."

General Grants is reminding the public they need to separate their own glass products at the bottle depot.

 General Grants doesn't accept hazardous materials such as batteries or propane tanks.

For a full list of acceptable materials, click here.


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