Planet Fitness arrives, competitors not concerned

By Vanessa Ybarra
September 1, 2017 - 5:30pm

KAMLOOPS   —The arrival of a new workout facility in Kamloops is causing a lot of buzz amongst the local fitness scene.

Last month Planet Fitness opened its doors at Sahali Mall, offering arguably the lowest rates anywhere in the city.

While the price may be hard to beat, gym owners throughout the city say it isn't just low rates that attract members.

The ten-dollar a month sign outside Planet Fitness is one that's hard to miss.

"We have some awesome deals right now," said Skyla Danielson, General Manager for Planet Fitness. "Right now it's one-dollar down, ten-dollars for a 12-month commitment.

Planet Fitness operates 14-hundred gyms throughout the world, the first one in B.C. opening in the Sahali Mall earlier this month.

"It started out with a couple of guys who wanted to offer affordable fitness," said Danielson. "We have trainer-led classes, we also offer 120 pieces of cardio equipment.``

Danielson says membership sign-ups have been steady since opening.

While the affordable fitness chain has no doubt caught people's eye, other gyms in town including the Tournament Capital Centre say they aren't worried.

"Price is going to be important for some people but if what you want is the entire package then the price isn't going to necessarily be the breaking point," said Linda Stride, Recreational Health and Wellness Supervisor with the TCC.

Stride says while Planet Fitness has lured a few members away from the TCC, membership remains stable

She says the centre's indoor track and pool are a driving factor.

"What we're offering is a facility with all the cardio equipment, all the weight equipment, an indoor 200 metre track and we have the pool so it really depends on the person and what they need," added Stride.

At Anytime Fitness in Aberdeen, they too welcome the the new gym, adding it could benefit their business.

"We get to capitalize on it a little bit because when people take advantage of gyms like Planet Fitness they start thinking about fitness as part of their lifestyle, with that they start shopping around for different opportunities" said Trevor Mann, Co-Owner of Anytime Fitness.

Mann says a large portion of Anytime Fitness members are middle aged who's main focus is receiving nutrition and wellness services.

"We're a different business model all together," added Mann. "We cater to a different clientele. They're not motivated by a lower price point."

"The number of gyms that have opened up in Kamloops is great, it offers more opportunity for all of our citizens and more places to go," said Stride.

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