Weather change Thursday could fan wildfire flames

By James Peters
August 23, 2017 - 11:26am

KAMLOOPS — An ominous change in the weather is on its way, but Environment Canada says the worst impacts will likely hit north of Kamloops.

Forecaster Alyssa Charbonneau says a cold front will be ushered in by gusty winds starting today.

"This afternoon, we'll see some gusty winds out of the southwest, 20 gusting to 40 kilometers per hour," said Charbonneau. "As that front comes through tomorrow, it's going to bring a much cooler and unsettled air mass. So tomorrow, we're looking at a high of 22 degrees, a mix of sun and cloud with a little bit more cloud moving in in the afternoon, and a 40 per cent chance of showers."

Charbonneau says the winds will likely be stronger to the north, a troubling prospect for an area where wildfires rage uncontained.

The back country remains tinder dry, and Charbonneau says that may be a recipe for danger, as the system will bring lightning.

"In terms of lightning risk, there is going to be some today, certainly to the north of the Kamloops area, up into the Cariboo there's a risk. Likely, there will be a chance tomorrow as well for many parts of the province," said Charbonneau. 

"But for the Kamloops area, it's going to be a pretty dry front when it comes through. The main effect that you will feel will be those gusty winds today, and the temperatures cooling off."

Charbonneau notes the province should return to more typical calm and sunny conditions starting Friday.

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