Citizens stomp down Vernon grass fire

By Kiss FM News
August 21, 2017 - 4:22pm

VERNON, B.C. — Alert citizens get the credit for possibly preventing a small grass fire from becoming something larger yesterday.

Deputy Fire Chief Scott Hemstad says Vernon Fire Rescue got the call to the 3400 block of 43rd Avenue just after 11:30 am.

“Staff arrived on the scene and they were met by the people who called it in. they basically used their feet to stomp out most of the fire before we got there. We did use a pressurized water extinguisher to extinguish the remainder of the fire.”

RCMP were called and investigators looked through the area but couldn’t find an obvious cause.

“It was a good distance from anything mechanical or electrical. It would be speculation at this point.Sometimes people could jump to conclusions to what starts fire. I’ve seen crazy things start fire in my day.”

He says even a small piece of glass could start a fire if the sun strikes it just right.

Deputy Chief Hemstad says it’s a good reminder of how dry it is out there and how easily a fire can start.

“There’s lots of tall grass in the city limits and the potential is still very high for a fire, so early recognition and early reporting and the quicker we can get there to get on top it before it grows out of control, the better.

The area covered by the fire was about 15 feet by 15 feet.

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