Police set up tip line to find cause of Elephant Mountain fire

By Doug Collins
August 1, 2017 - 7:52am

KAMLOOPS — As the Elephant Hill wildfire continues to spread, RCMP have increased their efforts to find out who or what is responsible for starting it.

With millions of dollars in damage caused by the fire, there is increased pressure to determine whether or not someone started the fire deliberately, or whether it was accidental.

Police have now set up a dedicated tip line for people who might have information. That number is 1-855-685- 8788.

The fire has burned over 78,548 hectares, and is 30% contained as of information released yesterday.

Crews continue to work to establish fire guards to prevent the blaze from continuing to spread.

It's moving in a generally northeasterly direction, and a widespread area is under evacuation order. That area includes Clinton, 70 Mile, Chasm Road, Loon Lake Road, and the area south and east of Green Lake.

Resources continue to pour in to aid in the fight to stop the fire's spread. Almost 500 people are fighting that one fire, according to the Wildfire service. It's being fought on the ground and from the air. 

Last night, evacuees from that fire were updated on the situation by emergency officials.

Long story short, they were told that the situation is still chaotic, that gusty winds continue to create difficulties for fire crews, and because of the isolation of some of the areas affected, that people won't be going home until officials are certain there's no danger to public safety. In many cases, there's only one road in and out, and that can result in people being trapped if the fire changes direction. 


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