Rolling Barrage riding across Canada for PTSD awareness

By Jill Sperling
July 20, 2017 - 12:00pm Updated: July 20, 2017 - 6:00pm

KAMLOOPS — The president of a global PTSD awareness and support group is gearing up for a cross-country motorcycle rally. 

Military Minds Inc. president Scott Casey says the Rolling Barrage is a fundraising effort for veterans, active duty members, and first responders struggling with PTSD. 

Preliminary numbers indicate thousands of riders are planning to attend at least a portion of the coast-to-coast ride.

"Because the ride is going to go through weekdays and weekends over the 15 days, we expect some fluctuations with riders just based on not being able to get time off work, and so on," Casey said. "But, we're definitely seeing some very good numbers. Right now it's looking like it's going to be the biggest motorcycle rally in Canada."

Casey says he would love to see $100,000 raised through the inaugural ride. 

The Rolling Barrage begins in St. John's Newfoundland on Aug. 5, arriving in Kamloops on Aug. 18, and completing the journey in Victoria on Aug. 20. 

Casey says the cause is especially relevant in the B.C. Interior, as so many first responders are on the front lines of massive wildfires.

"Right now is a perfect example with the firefighters here in B.C.," Casey said. "We've got thousands and thousands of people displaced from their homes. Who's there? The firemen, the police, the ambulance. They're the ones that are all in there dealing with that stuff. Are they going to come in there unscathed? I don't think so. So, it's important that Canadians get behind our troops, and behind our first responders in this regard, help them deal with these issues."

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