Kamloops council candidate changes course, running for mayor

By James Peters
July 20, 2017 - 11:23am

KAMLOOPS — A rookie council candidate says he has changed his mind and wants to run for mayor.

Todd McLeod becomes the fourth person to express their intention to run for the city's top job, along with Ken Christian, Cindy Ross Friedman and Reo Rocheleau.

McLeod says his change of heart comes after looking at the logistical implications of splitting a part-time council gig with his full-time job as an air ambulance paramedic.

"I work two weeks away in Manitoba on an air ambulance, and then I'll be home for two weeks," McLeod. "That might have been a difficulty if I was (serving on) council."

If he's elected mayor, which is a full-time position, McLeod plans to quit his air ambulance job.

McLeod says he knows there are more recognizable names on the ballot than his, but that may work to his advantage.

"The difference I'm bringing to the table is fresh eyes on this whole thing. I believe right now is the time for change. I think it's possible that I could change the status quo."

His priorities include addressing illegal suites, which he says present insurance issues that may lead to liability for taxpayers in Kamloops.

He also wants to make sure council sticks with its decisions.

"A lot of wishy washy decisions. They say 'yes' but then they go back to 'no' and it's a 'maybe.' It's giving a lot of mixed messages to businesses that want to come into this community, and also the residents of this community. Does 'yes' really mean 'yes,' and does 'no' really mean 'no?'"

The Kamloops by-election, choosing a mayor and two councillors, will be held September 30.

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