Postal service halted in Kamloops, fire-affected communities

By James Peters
July 11, 2017 - 10:32am

KAMLOOPS — Canada Post has suspended all mail service in Kamloops today, citing the poor air quality in the region.

Environment Canada's Air Quality Health Index has been in the "high risk" window since Monday morning.

Service has also been suspended to fire-affected communities in the BC Interior.

Postal carrier Karen Guinn says it's the right call.

"For health and safety purposes, when the (Air Quality Health Index) is at 10 or above for the smoke and the particulate, we can't be out there huffing and puffing and packing the mail around, risking our lungs and our well-being for mail," said Guinn.

"The average foot walk is about 20 kilometres and thousands of stairs a day. When the government is issuing health advisories saying 'no strenuous activities,' I'm hoping all other management and places of employment will take heed of the decisions of Canada Post and keep their workers inside today."

Guinn adds Kamloops residents will simply have to wait until tomorrow to see if delivery resumes.

"There are no other options at this point. Management is in a meeting discussing what's next. We are all still held at the office at this current time. We've just been told to hold back and wait. They're making some decisions right now, and they'll be deciding on a day-to-day basis whether we'll be going out for mail delivery."

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