Cutting Edge Technology the way of the Future in Medical Aesthetics

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July 10, 2017 - 9:38am Updated: September 7, 2017 - 2:17pm

For 34 years, Sheryl Corrigal has been in the business of helping customers look better and feel better about themselves. But she’s seldom been as excited as she is now about a new treatment she says is designed to permanently kill fat cells and eliminate them from the body. The process is called SculpSure. Corrigal says it’s the first FDA-cleared, light-based device for non-surgical fat reduction. She says “other treatments target everything, but SculpSure targets adipose tissue, and the laser treatment disrupts and destroys the target fat cells, and there is no surgery or downtime. “Customers can literally come in for a treatment,” says Corrigal, “and can go right back to their daily routine.”

In a nutshell, we all have a large number of fat cells in our body. Diet and exercise control them, but they don’t reduce their numbers. Corrigal says the revolutionary SculpSure treatment actually destroys the cells, which are then naturally eliminated over time, and don’t return. She adds the FDA-approved treatment allows for customized treatment to fit each customer, you and your physician determine the number of sessions needed, and the treatment is safe for all skin types.

“This is leading edge technology developed by a large company, it’s FDA-approved, and over a period of 6-12 weeks, clients notice the results,” says Corrigal. “We’re excited about how happy we can make people with this new equipment. It’s just like going in and having a massage.”

Corrigal has always worked to ensure her customers understand what they’re getting, how it works and what the reasonable expectations are. She has clients who were with her in 1984 who still visit her regularly. That’s a testament to the service she provides. “I keep on top of the technology,” she says, “and 2013 was a turnaround year. Improvements to the way we deal with fat reduction and body sculpture are huge. “ She adds “but even treatments like this clinically-proven treatment aren’t for everyone.” Corrigal says very overweight people shouldn’t jump into the program without dropping some weight through diet and exercise first. She says each client gets a thorough evaluation of what the expectations are and a realistic course of action is developed. That’s one of the reasons customers are advised to check with their physician to help develop an appropriate plan.

At Corrigal’s treatment centre, Beautiful U,  775 Seymour Street, they do all sorts of medical aesthetic treatments. They include laser hair removal, chemical peels, spider vein removal, skin tag removal, electrolysis and various skin treatments. But Sheryl says the SculpSure procedure is really the icing on the cake. “We operate on the motto ‘slow, steady but sure’ in dealing with our customers’ needs. We want to make sure that the treatments provide the best opportunity for people to be healthier, and remove problems for the long haul.”

Corrigal says the treatments work for both men and women. She says “men are concerned about how they look as well. Even men working out regularly find little love handles that can benefit from the SculpSure treatment,” The treatments take 25 minutes, and even working men and women can fit them into a lunch hour. Beautiful U is open until 7:00 PM on Thursday to accommodate those who aren’t able to get in before 5:00.

“Technology is changing all the time”, says Corrigal, “and this technology is great for those who have tried other techniques that haven’t given them satisfaction. We’re excited about this revolutionary procedure, and that it has to offer our customers.“  And at Beautiful U, customer satisfaction is what it’s all about. 

-              Written by CFJC Today staff with files and information supplied by Beautiful U.

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