Extreme fire risk closes Kamloops nature parks

By James Peters
July 8, 2017 - 5:30pm

KAMLOOPS — The extreme fire danger is has led the City of Kamloops to close eight nature parks within the city.

The parks closed as of 2:00pm Saturday are:

  • Kenna Cartwright Park 
  • High Canada park
  • Rosehill Park 
  • Peterson Creek Park
  • Valleyview Nature Park
  • Capilano Park
  • Highland Park
  • Dallas/Barnhatvale Park

Kamloops Fire Rescue Chief Mike Adams says the parks are closed to all bicycle, pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

"Three years ago, we shut down the parks for the same reason," said Adams. "We are in high to extreme fire danger rating and we felt it prudent for public safety that we shut the parks down. As you know, one of the causes of a wildfire is a human cause, so we thought this would reduce the risk, and we appreciate everybody's understanding and cooperation."

"(These eight parks have) been identified as a higher hazard, so those are the ones we took action on. We appreciate the community's cooperation. Stay out of those parks until the hazard passes and we'll be able to open them again."

Evacuation ordered for Scottie Creek and Hihium Lake properties