'Harold' makes himself at home in Barnhartvale

By James Peters
June 27, 2017 - 5:30pm

KAMLOOPS — A brown bear Barnhartvale residents call their neighbourhood mascot was out again today.

Harold, so named by the Barnhartvale Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page, has been a semi-regular visitor to the area since last year.

Carrie Mae Garber posted video of the bruin ravaging her bird feeder earlier today.

Garber says there is good reason he showed himself today.

"This is probably because today is garbage day. I imagine some of those smells probably brought him out in the middle of the day. I haven't seen him for a little while. Before there were a lot of seeds and such, we had reports of him almost daily," said Garber.

Garber adds the neighbourhood is reluctant to call the Conservation Officer Service, fearing the bear will end up dead.

"People would love to see him relocated, and there certainly is discussion around that: 'Is he getting too habituated? Is he too used to humans?' But we're pretty quick to put up pictures of him and where he has been so people can kids and stuff out of the way. To my knowledge, he has never shown any aggression."

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