Tournament Capital Centre fieldhouse closed for track renovation

By Adam Donnelly
June 27, 2017 - 5:45pm

KAMLOOPS — Just over 10 years ago, the Tournament Capital Centre officially opened. Since then, thousands of Kamloops residents, and visitors alike have passed through the doors of the facility. After millions of laps, the indoor track is being replaced this summer - it’s a short-term inconvenience for TCC users, in the name of a long-term improvement to the facility.

It’s been a decade since the Tournament Capital Centre officially opened. Since then, it’s possible millions of kilometres have been logged on the indoor track at the TCC. But as of today, the field house will be closed, as crews begin some long-awaited repairs and improvements to the facility.

“We’re replacing the entire indoor rubber track, as well as we’re installing a brand new hardwood court,” Parks and Civic Facilities Manager Jeff Putnam told CFJC Today.

With the age of the current track and the federal government chipping in as part of the Canada 150 Infrastructure Grant program, Putnam says the time has come to replace that material with a brand new surface.

“A crew from Quebec comes in and installs this new rubber floor called Mondo,” Putnam explained. “This particular material… was actually used in the 2012 Olympics in London.”

While the field house is closed for the remainder of the summer, Putnam says the city chose this time of year because the facility is less busy.

Most TCC users we spoke with said the closure won’t affect their workouts, with only one saying she’ll have to find a new place to do her warm-ups

As for the rest of the facility, it’s business as usual according to Putnam

“The field house itself is closed until about mid-September… but the rest of the facility, the gyms, the gymnastics centre, the pool, everything will remain open, business as usual.”

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