Algae bloom in north arm of Okanagan Lake

By Tom Mark
June 26, 2017 - 11:33am

VERNON, B.C. — What was first thought to be a leak of raw sewage into the north arm of Okanagan Lake turns out to be more than that.

The Okanagan Indian Band now says an assessment of the goo indicates it is an algae bloom.

Test results show it is made up of a combination of organic matter including sewage output, grass, leaves and burlap, sand and dead animals.

That all combined with the high temperatures we`ve been having combined to form the bloom.

The Band and its Emergency Operations Centre says it will continue to monitor the matter, but advises it will be a common sight over the next week.

There is no odour, but as the bloom becomes oxygenated, a distinct sulphur odour will be a natural release.

The band advises that area residents and visitors not go into the water.

Nor should anyone drink it, as boiling water does not reduce the risk.

Pets and livestock should be kept away as well.

It`s also advised not to eat fish caught in the area of a blue/green algae bloom as they will be contaminated. (CKIZ)

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