KGHM-Ajax acknowledges concerns from SLR, feels report is balanced

By Chad Klassen
June 20, 2017 - 5:15pm

KAMLOOPS — KGHM-Ajax was not in attendance at Monday night's meeting, wanting to give the floor entirely to SLR. But the company drafting the Ajax mine project is satisfied with the final report. 

Project manager Chris Wild said the report is balanced between environmental concerns that may need to be shored up and the benefits of the project to Kamloops. 

In response to concerns from SLR about its goal of attaining 90% dust mitigation, Wild says it can be done and is confident KGHM can make it happen. 

"I think based on what we know about the industry, and maybe there's a little bit of disagreement here, that 90% is certainly attainable and fairly easily, given the kind of design criteria that we've applied," said Wild. 

"Not every mind would have air quality as their No. 1 issue, but we really did take that on as, 'ok we have to preserve the airshed as best we can in a challenging environment.'"

Wild added KGHM has many mitigation strategies in place to ensure the promise of 90% mitigation is achieved through the life of the mine. 

"Most of it comes from dust control off the haul roads," he said. "So a lot of efforts have been made to determine how best to do that. What kind of fleet of water trucks, for instance, would be required to maintain the roads in a wet state that would limit the amount of dust."

"The other issues are transfer points on conveyor system, the crusher, and various ore bins, and TSF, the tailings storage facility, making sure the beaches remain in a wetted condition, so dust doesn't kick up."

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