Kamloops pundits excited about changing political landscape

By Adam Donnelly
May 30, 2017 - 6:00pm

KAMLOOPS — There’s no shortage of excitement for those watching the results of this month's provincial election. Yesterday, the Greens and NDP announced they planned of collaborating to form a majority in the BC Legislature. Today Christy Clark announced she plans to recall the legislature, and test the confidence of the house.

It’s an interesting time for those keeping an eye on politics in the province.

Yesterday came the joint announcement from John Horgan and Andrew Weaver, that the NDP and Green parties would be collaborating, thus forming a majority against the BC Liberals in the provincial legislature.

Today, Christy Clark announced she’d recall the legislature, and test the confidence of house in her leadership, a move political scientist Derek Cook thinks could backfire on her.

“It would be smart for the Liberals to recognize they were defeated, show some humility, step aside,” Cook told CFJC Today.

While Dan Hines lost his bid to represent to the Kamloops-North Thompson, he’s excited by the opportunity his party now has to influence the direction the province is going.

“I love the phrase Adam Olsen, one of the new MLA’s has said over and over again which is ‘As Green’s, we don’t believe were have the balance of power, we have the balance of responsibility,’” Hines said.

Many believe a collaboration between the greens and liberals could negatively affect jobs across BC. Dan Hines sees it an opportunity to kick start some industries he says the Liberals have neglected.

“I think it;’s something we can look forward to in the Interior is actually getting the forest sector, for example, jump-started again,” Hines explained.

Instability is one of the concerns many people have when it comes to minority governments like the one we’re facing in BC. Hines believes the structure of the agreement could save B.C. voters from going to the polls in the near future. If Clark were able to trigger another election in the next 12 months, Cook believes things could go poorly for the BC Liberals.

“To have another election very quickly would be a very unpopular move,” Cook explained.

For now, we wait for the legislature to be recalled, and see which side is able to form a government.



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