Recovery of fire chief's body ends tragic chapter in Cache Creek history

By Jill Sperling
May 29, 2017 - 6:00pm

CACHE CREEK, B.C. — The body of Cache Creek fire chief Clayton Cassidy was recovered over the weekend, bringing a sense of closure to the grieving community. 

Cassidy had been missing since May 5, presumed to have been swept away by flood waters as he checked water levels in the creek early in the morning. 

Around 10:30 Saturday evening (May 27) Cassidy's body was found in the water, not far from where his truck had been discovered the morning of his disappearance. 

"Since May 5 when he went missing the whole community has had in the back of their minds, 'where the heck is Clayton?' And 'I wonder what happened to him,'" said Cache Creek mayor John Ranta.

"Now, with the discovery of his remains there is an opportunity to achieve closure. The whole community will support the Cassidy family."

A bouquet of flowers was placed outside the Cache Creek Fire Hall Monday morning, and the flag was lowered to half mast to honour the beloved fire chief. 

Cache Creek resident Doreen Hewitt says the past few weeks have been difficult for the entire community. 

"It's been quiet," Hewitt said, "It's been mournful, for sure. Now that he's found there's just a huge uplift, just a sigh of relief that his body's been found, and there's closure for the family, there's closure for all of us, really. 

"We're going to miss him." 

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