Evacuation order lifted for half a dozen properties in Cherry Creek

By Vanessa Ybarra
May 19, 2017 - 12:00pm

KAMLOOPS — The Thompson-Nicola Regional District has lifted its evacuation order for half a dozen properties in cherry creek.

The TNRD lifted the order Thursday afternoon for six properties along Green Stone Road, Lazy Acres Road and the Trans Canada Highway.

Homeowners were ordered to evacuate their home May 5 following severe flooding in the area.

Officials say the properties are now safe to re-enter.

"We've determined that those six properties are structurally sound enough for people to go back into it," said Mike Garrett, Information Officer for the TNRD. "Health wise they also pass the test there too. We're still leaving the alert on in case circumstances change but for now they're free to go back."

According to the TNRD, an evacuation order remains in effect for two properties on Greenstone Road, Beaton Road and one on the Trans Canada Highway due to still unstable conditions.

With numerous properties sustaining flood damage, the TNRD says there are numerous places homeowners can apply for the province's Disaster Financial Assistance Program.

"They can tap into it easily," said Garrett. "They can go into the Service BC centers in town and they'll help them fill out that paperwork. We also have Resiliency Centres in Kamloops and Merritt where we have DFA forms for them to fill out."


  • 1490 Greenstone Road
  • 5080 and 5096 Lazy Acres Road
  • 5012, 5064, and 5108 Trans Canada Highway.


  • 1472 AND 1501 Greenstone Road
  • 5160 and 5168 Beaton Road
  • 5032 Trans Canada Highway.

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