Parklane Pool & Spa - a family business

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April 11, 2017 - 4:30pm Updated: September 7, 2017 - 2:18pm

Nothing matters more to Steve Ledger and Marion Day than family. That’s how they treat their employees, and that’s how they treat their customers. And that’s what has made them the success story  they been over the past few years.  As co-owners of Parklane Pool & Spa at 1388 Battle Street in Kamloops, they work hard to ensure that you get the best service from the most experienced workers. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and the quality of their customer service. Ledger says “we are a local company, with roots in Kamloops for many years. Parklane Pool & Spa has been here for more than 33 years, and we are carrying on a tradition of fully serving the Kamloops area with quality hot tubs, pools, spas, chemicals, barbecues, billiards, and darts.”

 After many years working in the company, Day and Ledger purchased it three years ago. They have continued to develop a strong line featuring some tremendous products. One of their major suppliers is Watkins Manufacturing, which makes the Endless pool, as it’s known. This pool, says Ledger, is one of the top products in the market, and provides a great opportunity for fitness training, as well as a healing product for those with joint pain who need to regain movement without the pressure of running or walking on hard surfaces. “It’s an absolutely remarkable product,” he says, “and it’s just one of the many products we offer to our customers.” Whether it’s an entry level pool or hot tub, or something all the way to the endless pool, Parklane Pool & Spa is a one-stop shopping centre.

In fact, one-stop shopping from start to finish is something Ledger’s company aims for from the time a customer walks in the door. “We try to please everyone,” Ledger says, “and because of our long history in the community, our fully-trained staff, and our devotion to customer service, we are able to deal with virtually every problem, find a solution for every location, and make sure customers get the satisfaction they deserve.” That’s not an easy promise to fill, but Parklane has done its best to ensure it can live up to that promise. The company has fully qualified electricians and gasfitters, people who do it right, who have gone to the SPA training schools to ensure they know all the products they deal with. Ledger says “any product we sell, we can service, maintain and repair. We have extensive in-house training programs, we can pour the concrete, install the tub, put in the electrical and gas connections, and take care of startups and repairs, whether it’s 40 above or 40 below.”

Because they have a lot of long-term people as part of their family of employees, they are able to deal with just about any circumstance that arises. They can take water samples to ensure the chemistry is just right, and because their core staff have been with them a long, time, they are stable, and know most of their customers by name. 

Do they just deal in pools and spas? No, they also sell and service Napoleon and Saber barbecues. Firetables are becoming increasingly popular, and Parklane has those as well. “We try to provide product lines that are complementary to each other,” Ledger says. “We are a one-stop shopping centre for all your needs, whether it’s the pool, the spa, the barbecue, or the accessories that go with them.”  

As the largest company of its kind in Kamloops, Parklane Pool & Spa is able to carry virtually all its supplies in stock, so when you need something, you don’t wait forever to get it. Ledger says it’s all part of the full service concept. At Parklane, he says their goal is to know their customer’s desires, and find the perfect fit for them. “Not everyone has the resources to go right to the top end of a product line. Many people want to have a good quality product, but they need to fit that product into their budget. That’s why we have everything from the entry level (but still great quality) items right through to the “best of the best””

Ledger and Day have built their business on family. And that’s the way they want to continue to grow their company. As Ledger says “we treat our employees as part of our family, and our customers are part of our extended family too. If we treat them right, they’ll continue to come back, and we’ll continue to be able to gain their confidence and respect, because we care about the results.” Based on the success of Parklane Pool & Spa so far, they’re doing that in spades.  

-              Written by CFJC Today staff with files and information supplied by Parklane Pool & Spa.

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