Bomb squad detonates suspected explosive near Vernon

By Ron Manz
March 28, 2017 - 11:02am

VERNON, B.C. — A loud noise that sounded like a gunshot early this morning near Vernon, was actually an RCMP explosives unit disposing of a suspected explosive.

The RCMP say a resident found something suspicious on a concrete barrier that looked like a fire extinguisher with something strapped to it like a pipe bomb.

The bomb unit came up from the coast to examine the device according to Sgt. Colby Attlesey.

“After looking at the device they decided to detonate it right there on scene. So they deployed their own little small amount of explosive to detonate the end of the device and I think that is likely what people heard.”

The public is not believed to be in any danger because of this device.

“I haven’t looked at their report yet as to whether or not they determined if there was explosive substances in it or if it was just made to look like one. Either way they were not going to take any chances and they decided the best thing to do was dispose of it right there on scene.”

“There’s no concerns on our part. Its not like we received a ransom note or something weird like that it was just an odd device sitting there and again what people were doing with it is still a mystery to us as to why they would do that kind of thing.”

Meanwhile the RCMP were also involved in a suspected explosive device found in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park Monday.

It turned out to be just the old tail fin of a mortar with no head left behind from military exercises years ago in the park.

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