Kamloops MLA Terry Lake bids farewell to BC legislature

By James Peters
March 16, 2017 - 4:00pm

VICTORIA, B.C. — Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Terry Lake gave his last speech in the BC Legislature this morning.

Lake is retiring from provincial politics after two terms in Victoria.

Lake thanked his wife and family, colleagues within his party and in the opposition, his past and present staff, and said he looks forward to spending time with his beloved dog.

He paid tribute to fellow Kamloops MLA Todd Stone, who sits directly behind him in the legislature.

"Someone who always, literally, has my back. I appreciate his friendship, and his true talents representing the people of Kamloops-South Thompson, and the people of British Columbia."

He also took time to recognize a former colleague.

"I also want to thank former MLA Kevin Krueger. He taught me how to heckle. I don't have his deep voice, but I hope I have showed a bit of the same tenacity."

Lake, who was a reporter in Alberta in his early 20s, also spoke of the importance of the media in North American society.

"It strikes me that in today's world, we need an objective, well-supported media more than ever. We see what is happening in other places, and it is a threat to democracy when we don't have a vibrant, well-funded, well-researched professional media."

Lake was first elected for the BC Liberals in 2009 after a single term as Kamloops mayor.

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