Lions receiver connects passion for football with the arts

By Chad Klassen
March 8, 2017 - 6:00pm

KAMLOOPS — Students at the Kamloops School of the Arts got a treat on Wednesday with a visit from the B.C. Lions. 

While football and the arts may not seem to mix on the surface, one of the players in attendance has been heavily involved in the arts and is setting himself up for a career beyond football.

Lions receiver Stephen Adekolu has a passion for the arts that began in university at Bishop's. 

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"I asked some of my teammates 'what is something i could do?' they said, 'you know what, take drama,' and i was like 'why?' they were like 'it's easy,' so i went and i enjoyed it," Adekolu said. 

Adekolu now, on the side, is an actor, with small roles in a couple TV shows. 

"Recently, I was in the show Supernatural, a Vancouver-based Netflix series," he said. "And i got a pretty cool debut in the show Lucifer. So look out for me."

The message from Adekolu, connecting his story to the arts, resonated with the students. 

"I'm actually a drama major myself, and i struggled with anxiety, so i joined drama," said grade 12 student Grace Rutsatz. "Hearing that he pushed himself out of the box to join drama, and push himself past his comfort zone, was really inspiring."

Knowing the Lions inspired some for the kids makes visits like this one all worth it. 

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