Blazers Sports Legacy Fund allocates $404,000 in grants

By Bob Smillie
March 7, 2017 - 6:56am

KAMLOOPS — The Kamloops Blazers Sports Society members and Board of Directors announced today the allocation of the 2017 grants from the Sports Legacy Fund (SLF) to the Kamloops and Region sport community. Thirty three organizations will receive $404,000 in funding as a result of the Allocation Process.


Since the inception of the Sports Legacy Fund in 2009, 99 Kamloops and region sport organizations have been recipients of $2.8 M in grants. A significant portion of these funds have been leveraged by the community groups to extend the value of the investments in equipment purchases, capital improvements, scholarships or coaching development..


Although it is often interpreted that the team is the source of the funding, the Society operates independently of the Blazers Hockey Club. The Sports Legacy Fund continues its dedication to the history of the community support for the franchise since the inaugural season of the Blazers in 1984. The original capital from the sale of the franchise in 2007 remains invested to perpetuity to support local and region sport. The fund is truly a legacy built on the fine tradition of the team.


The 2017 grants include funding for the Kamloops KidSport Chapter of $30,000 and PacificSport Interior BC for $80,000, which are not part of the Sports Legacy Fund application process.


This year, 29 organizations were selected from the applicants to receive grants totaling $243,000.


In addition, the funding allocation will also include a grant of $50,000 for the Kamloops Curling Club with the planned replacement of the ice plant next summer. This compliments the Canada 150 funding the club received in July 2016. It was an integral part of the Federal grant application.


Capital projects continue to be popular applications, which are highlighted this year by projects of the Greater Kamloops BMX for a $21,813 contribution to the site lighting project, $15,000 to the Kamloops Tennis Centre interior lighting upgrades and the Wells Gray Outdoor Club’s $11,000 extension of its trails program. The Kamloopa Club grant of $20,160 is directed towards much needed maintenance upgrades to the Shumway Lake facilities.


The 2017 allotment includes equipment purchases and coaching development. Three organizations, Kamloops Track and Field Club, Kamloops Triathlon Club and the Kamloops Aquatic Club will receive much needed timing equipment. Special Olympics 2017 BC Summer Games grant of $9,646 to purchase equipment for the Kamloops hosted games will remain a legacy within the community.








Support for TRU athletic scholarships was maintained at $25,000, $15,000 of which will be matched by the university, resulting in a leveraged total contribution of $40,000.


The annual application period extends form October 1st to November 30th of each year and the allocation by the nine members Board of Directors occurs following the review process.


The summary of the 2017 grants and the recipient organizations is attached.


The website is

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