Bald eagle escapes from BC Wildlife Park

By Vanessa Ybarra
February 10, 2017 - 5:34pm

KAMLOOPS — A bald eagle receiving care at the BC Wildlife Park has escaped.

The juvenile eagle was transported to the wildlife park back in December after being found with a broken wing in Revelstoke.

According to park officials, the escape occurred while a volunteer was feeding the eagle earlier this week.

"She had accidentally left the outside door open," said Sean Daley, Animal Health Technologist with BC Wildlife Park. "When she went to change the water dish, unfortunately, the eagle flew at her, out of the enclosure and out of the building."

Crews tried to grab the eagle, but she quickly flew off.

Sean Daley says it's likely she flew back to the Revelstoke area, adding the bird was in good health at the time of the escape. 

"We had done a blood transfusion and some treatment as far as getting her back some strength," said Daley. "Eventually she was able to fly, making short flights in the flight pen. She was near full recovery and nearing the point where we were starting to plan her release, so hopefully she'll do well in the wild."

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