City of Kamloops focusing on clearing side streets, flooding potential

By Chad Klassen
February 10, 2017 - 5:14pm

KAMLOOPS — The City of Kamloops snow-removal crews have their work cut out for them this weekend with many untouched side streets to clear, where snow has piled up.

The main roads are clear thanks to snow plows but also Mother Nature with temperatue warming up significantly, reaching a high of 5°C today. But with the heavy snow forcing crews to stick to the arterials over the past 48 hours, the focus turns to the side streets. 

"There's a lot of locals roads we have not cleared," said Streets and Environmental Services manager Glen Farrow. "You can see there are a lot of large windrows between the arterials and local roads. With that, we're going to be removing those windrows and fully clearing, curb to curb, all of our local roads across the community." 

While the city is happy with the warming temperatures that are helping melt the snow, that creates another concern, and that is potential flooding, as water starts to run down city streets. 

"We were fighting with snow, and now soon we'll be fighting with water, and the potential of flooding, so what we're looking for is, all day today we've been clearing out catch basins across the community, and we will continue to look at the public to help."

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