Kamloops Y prepares for annual Strong Kids Campaign

By Adam Donnelly
January 24, 2017 - 1:24pm

KAMLOOPS — Every year the Kamloops Y offers financial assistance to children and families in the community, which allows them to access the facilities and many programs the Y offers. The Y Strong Kids Campaign is just one way the organization raises money to fund these initiatives, and every year hosts a corporate challenge, where local businesses help raise money through a friendly fitness competition, and there’s still time to sign up.

For many us, taking part in sports or organized after-school activities as a kid was something we took for granted, but there are many families in our community that can’t afford to play hockey, go to camp in the summer. that’s where the Kamloops Y Strong Kids Campaign comes in.

“It’s about getting people involved, and getting donations so we can actually help children and families throughout Kamloops have access to programs at the Y,” Cheryl Breitkreutz, the Y Strong Kids Coordinator explained.

Last year, the corporate challenge portion of the Strong Kids Campaign raised over $48,000, which directly helped 480 local kids take part in youth conferences, attend summer camps, or just access the facilities of the Kamloops Y.

“it kicks off February 13th and goes until March the 12th,” Breitkreutz says. “We’re getting different businesses involved, and they actually have a fitness component… As they do their fitness, and hitting their goals, they’re also going around the community and raising funds for the community Y.”

Former School District Superintendent Karl deBruijn is this year's Strong Kids Campaign Chair, and also took part in the fitness challenge component last year.

“I trimmed up a little bit, I felt healthier,” deBruijn told CFJC Today. “I tried to keep it up throughout the year, but this is a good impetus for me.”

deBruijn says he supports the Y because of the impact they’re able to make in the lives of the many kids and families who access their programs.

“I think this is such an important campaign,” deBruijn says. “It gives young people the opportunity to connect with caring and meaningful adults. They get active, [as well as] opportunities to go to camp, to join the gym, and get things they probably could;t get otherwise.”

This year the Strong Kids Campaign goal is to raise $90,000, which would help 900 Kamloops kids find their passion and take part in an activity or event they might not otherwise get an opportunity to.

If you want to sign your organization up for the Strong Kids Challenge, to contact Cheryl Breitkreutz, the Y Strong Kids Coordinator at [email protected].

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